Well, that BUMP was me…. a bump off the plane, that is.

I was due to arrive home on Sunday afternoon from my Founder’s Circle retreat in St. George, Utah.  My flight was actually leaving out of Las Vegas.  While at the airport, I found out that my flight was WAY overbooked and they were asking for passengers to give up their seat.  Although I REALLY wanted to go home, I didn’t have anything pressing to get to on Monday, I was exhausted from my trip and a free night in a hotel room sounded kinda nice.

If you’ve ever been bumped, it can be a really sweet deal and I was SO glad I took the offer.  Get this!

I got a free hotel room in Las Vegas, shuttle service to the hotel and back to the airport the next day, my airfare for the next day and, here’s the best part, a ticket voucher for $773!!!  HECK YEAH you can bump me off the plane!!!!

Now, I am not big into gambling but I ran into several Stampin’ Up demonstrators in the airport who told me I should since it was my lucky day to get that kind of an offer from the airline.  We are planning a family cruise next year and this will help take care of a chunk of the airfare so it was well worth 23 hours of my time.

Oh wait… here’s the bad part… no luggage.  Wait, what?  No make up, no hairspray, no, well, you know, unmentionables (thank heavens there are Victoria’s Secrets in just about any mall you go in).  Walgreens took care of the rest.

So, why am I sharing all of this?  Two reasons… so you would know why there was no blog post today and to tell you that I got to spend some quality time in the same store I found “the red dress” – Bettie Page.  I may not gamble but I DO SHOP!  It’s a good thing everything I liked wasn’t available in my size or just didn’t look right.  Rich is pretty happy too (lol).

I also wanted to thank everyone for your SWEET comments to Rich.  He was so tickled by them… as was I.  He is such a great man and he takes good care of me.  He definitely came to my rescue the other day!  Whew!  THANK YOU guys for showering him with such love.  Now, about that raise….I took him out to dinner AND dessert (cheesecake no less).  That should cover it, don’t you think?

I am calling it a night and will be back with videos and fun projects later this week.  Wednesday is my day to share Stampin’ Gals Gone Wild so be sure to check back!

Love to all of you!!!

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