This and That PocketChristina is back with another quick video tip for your THIS AND THAT journal!  I love that she is so excited about the type of scrapbooking.  It’s perfect for her busy life and I know she will treasure this book for years and years.  Why?  Because it’s HERS – her friends, her creativity, and her memories.

Today she is going to share with you how to create quick pockets for your This and That journal.  I love this idea!  Now she can have plenty of pictures and her journaling is tucked away anywhere she wants it!

This and That This and ThatThis and That This and That

I love this page!  It’s so much fun and full of great memories.  She needs to get to journaling though!

It’s SO affordable to start your own THIS AND THAT journal.  You could start with just the journal but you can order everything for under $27 (us) so why not go for it ALL!.  ORDER YOUR SUPPLIES HERE!

  • Epic Day This and That Journal   131268
  • Epic Day This and That Stickers   131271
  • Remember This and That Rotary Stamp   130133
  • Epic Day This and That Designer Washi Tape   131269

Thanks for checking out Christina’s video!  She has LOTS more to share with you over the summer so keep tuning in!

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