Hi all.

This is Rich, Connie’s stamping-challenged other half.  I’ve hijacked Connie’s blog today just to drop you all a quick message.

Connie’s been out of town all week, enjoying some much needed time with friends and fellow demonstrators.  Right now, she’s sitting on a bus on the way to Kanab, UT.  As she was going through her e-mail, she realized that she had forgotten to unlock today’s video, and had no way to fix it (iPhones are great, but there’s still only so much you can do while sitting on a bus).

But never fear.  Being the great guy that I am (or at least that what Connie keeps telling me), I have jumped in to save the day… the video is now unlocked and available for your viewing pleasure!!  Enjoy!!

P.S.  Please feel free to drop Connie a line and tell her about the wonderful job I’m doing.  I think it’s about time for a raise, and your positive feedback will certainly help.


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