I took a quick break form my flash cards to make this gift for my friend Kim.  I made her this heavenly sugar hand and body scrub.  This stuff is amazing!!!  I tried it out and my hands were as soft as can be!  

Kim’s jar was different than this (and I forgot to take a picture before I gave it to her).  What to do?  Make another one, of course!  On this version, I went very vintage and I had a chance to play with the new Scalloped Tulle.  Okay, if you haven’t bought this product YOU NEED IT!!!  It is so much fun and so easy to use!  No matter what I did with it, it looked great!  Seriously!  I just tied a piece in a knot and it was stunning!

Do you love the tag?  I created it on My Digital Studio MDS2.  I can’t say enough about the new version!  I loved taking the “Pretty Sweet” stamp and coloring it 2 different colors!  I must have change the colors a dozen times until I loved Cherry Cobbler on this tag.  Even those little embellished roses USED to be vanilla….but not with MDS2.  They can be any color you want now!  Who’s excited!!!

Behind that tag, I used the new Delicate Doily Sizzlit.  It’s fantastic and it give JUST the right look to my tag.

Notice my simple tulle bow on the front.  It’s almost embarrassing how easy that was.  4″ of tulle, gathered so the scallops are on the outside edges, and then tie it with a piece of crochet trim ribbon.  Hot glue a faceted button on the front, add a pearl, and you’re done.  Well, I had to add one more thing… a band-aid on my finger!  I burned myself MAJORLY on the hot glue.  I worked quickly to get the glue off my finger and had this “little bit” I couldn’t get off.  It finally came lose – but it wasn’t glue, it was my SKIN!  Ugh.  It hurts so bad.  Oh how I suffer for my blogging friends.

For those of you in my stamp club, we will be making this project in October in our Christmas Gift classes.  I hope you are excited! 

I have had requests for the recipe so here it is:


  • 2 c. sugar
  • 1/4 c. of pink Palmolive dish soap (it says Soft Touch on the bottle.  You can also use the pink Dawn dish soap made with Olay)
  • Small Mason Jar

Pour the sugar and dish soap in a mixing bowl.  Mix it up really good and pour into mason jar. 

Put about a tablespoon on your hand (don’t measure this – just dip your hand in and scoop a little out).  Scrub your hands until the sugar has dissolved completely – about 60-seconds.  It’s cool because it almost hurts a little when you first start scrubbing but it feels good too.  Tthe sugar starts massaging your hands.  Rinse and say OMG!  That’s what my kids said when they tried it!  🙂

I bought the dish soap for $2.00 and it should make about 10-15 scrubs so this will make a great stamp club project around Christmas time.  🙂

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