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You guys have been asking some great questions and so today, I wanted to answer them!  Are you ready?  Let’s go!

QUESTION:  Jeannette asked… “I placed an order and used the Host Code but I never received the Petal Garden tutorials.  My order number is ########.  Can you help?  I can’t wait to make those cards!”

ANSWER:   Jeannette, I think I see what happened. It seems that when you created your account, you checked the box asking not to be contacted.  Stampin’ Up takes your privacy very seriously and they hide all information from me, including your name, address, and email address.  I totally respect that you don’t wish to be contacted and this would be why I wasn’t able to email you the tutorial.
If you would like to change this, you can email Stampin’ Up at [email protected] and ask them to remove the “Do not contact” restriction on your account.  They will get you taken care of.  If you would prefer to remain anonymous, just drop me an email with your order # and I will forward the tutorial onto you.

QUESTION:  Anne asked…  “I ordered from you but did not know where to put the host code.  Can you help me?”

ANSWER:  I hear you Anne.  It can be hard to find.  At any point when you are shopping, click to ‘View Shopping Bag’ or in the upper right corner, click SHOPPING BAG.  It will take you to this screen.
Just below the Special Offers you will see a blue/green box at the bottom that says HOST CODE.  Enter the 8 digit code for the month there and click Apply.  You’re all set!
When you use the Host Code, I have a special gift for you.  Each month is a different Host Code and each month is a different gift.

QUESTION:  Roxie the Fluffy Puppy asked…”Mom, can I have a treat?”

ANSWER:  No, you’ve already had one today.



QUESTION:   Theresa asked… “Hi Connie, I ordered the Christmas Quilt tutorials last week and was wondering when that was going to be sent?”

ANSWER:  Oh goodness!  You should have received it right away.  Hmmm, this is interesting. I had several people who ordered the tutorials not receive the email that contained the file.  I try to send out the tutorials within a few hours of receiving the order so you might check your spam/junk folder to make sure it didn’t land there.  Also, make sure the email address you have on file with Paypal is the correct email address. This is the email that I use to send you the file.
If you still can’t find it, please email me at [email protected] and I will send it again.  I appreciate you letting me know!

QUESTION:  Laura asked…  “I’m waiting for my catalog to show up in my mailbox…has there been a delay?”

ANSWER:  Oh Laura, I am so sorry that your Holiday catalog went missing!  Yes, you definitely should have received it by now.  There are 2 possible issues.  Is your MAILING address on your Stampin’ Up account correct?  I know many of my customers are snowbirds and they have 2 addresses in 2 states.  The other possible issue is that your catalog was destroyed in the postal machines and the post office threw it away.  Sadly, each year when I mail catalogs, several of them will never arrive due to the postal machines eating them and I never know if the catalogs arrive or not.  If your mailing address is correct, then it sounds like yours was one of the unlucky ones that were destroyed.  I will get a new catalog out to you right away.  In the meantime, you can download the Holiday catalog HERE.
*** TO MY CUSTOMERS *** If you placed an order in 2017 and didn’t receive your Holiday catalog, please let me know so I can get a new one sent out to you.  Email me at [email protected]

QUESTION:  Roxie the Fluffy Puppy asked…PLEASE MOM, can I have a treat? 

ANSWER:  I said no!

Oh I hope that you guys can join me tonight for Facebook Live!  I have been SUPER busy working on some great FLASH CARD projects that aren’t cards.  Hmmm, sound interesting?  Well, it is AWESOME!  My projects tonight will revolve around one of my favorite things (and probably yours too), HERSHEY KISSES!

I will also be revealing the Host Code Exclusive for October and WOW is it AH-MAZ-ING!  I have been working on it for a couple of weeks and next to the Petal Garden One Sheet Wonder, this is my favorite set of exclusive videos & tutorials ever!  Join me LIVE tonight but if you can’t make it, I will have it for you on Friday here at Simply Simple Stamping.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27th at Simply Simple Stamping on Facebook at the time below:

  • 7pm central time
  • 8pm eastern time
  • 6pm mountain time
  • 5pm pacific time 

Want notifications on the Facebook LIVE events?   CLICK HERE and LIKE my page!  You will get notifications of when I am LIVE!

Well, that’s it for me today, at least until tonight!  I love sharing a night of stamping with you during Facebook Live!  Nothing beats hanging out with 200 of my stamping friends.  See you soon!

Use the SEPTEMBER HOST CODE PJBCSPWC on your order of $20* or more and I have an incredible pdf tutorial for you. The Petal Garden One Sheet Wonder tutorial is 23-pages of instructions, photos, diagrams, tips, tricks, and general awesomeness so that you can create 11 different cards using the Petal Garden Designer Series Paper Stack (or your favorite Designer Paper).

Remember, if your order is over $150.00*, DON’T use the Host Code and earn Stampin’ Rewards (Rewards start at $15) plus you’ll also receive the tutorial!  BIG win!!!

*Before Tax & Shipping. 

Want to order the PETAL GARDEN ONE SHEET WONDER TUTORIAL?  Click here!













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