Why I Hate Hot Glue Guns
A Short Essay by Connie Stewart

They can burn you.

The End.

So, yesterday, I was making a beautiful project to share with you.  It was just fabulous and things were going well….until… I went to adhere a Simply Pressed Clay flower to my box with my hot glue gun.  I had tried to adhere it with Multipurpose glue and it wouldn’t hold.  Then I tried glue dots.  Nope, no luck.  HEY, why not hot glue?  That always works!  I had adhered 9 of the flowers and when I went to adhere  the last one (it’s always the last one, isn’t it?) that little flower did a somersault onto my middle finger (ironic, I know).

As I tried to shake the PAINFULLY hot flower off my finger, it catapulted on to my OTHER hand’s index finger, which then did a backwards flip on to my other middle finger.  SERIOUSLY?  How does this happen?

I probably should have go to the ER (yes, it was that bad of a burn) but I’m a “suck it up, you’ll be fine” kind of girl.

Can I just tell you… it’s REALLY hard to shoot videos with bandaids all over your fingers.  I have 2 new flash cards and a really cute little Flash Card box to share with you but until these fingers heals just a little , it will have to wait.  Anything that touches them sends unbelievable pain through my hand.

Thus the reason I wanted to share my essay with you today.

Now, here’s the cool part…. I put a bandaid on this morning and told my hubby that I needed some “cute” bandaids if I was going to shoot a video with these stupid things on my fingers.  Wanna know what he said?  “Put some Washi tape on the bandaids.”  HE IS SO STINKIN’ BRILLIANT!

Here’s what they look like.  Cute, right?

Washi tape bandaids

Washi tape bandaids

Yeah, I could have bought Hello Kitty or Snoopy bandaids, but these are so much cuter, don’t you think?

I hope you will remember  today’s essay the next time you’re using the hot glue.  Be careful and if your project decides to try for an Olympic gymnast performance, grab your Washi tape and look awesome!

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